Mission, Beliefs 

West End Elementary Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow 

Vision (Direction)

WE (West End), in cooperation with our community, will educate and mentor each child by creating a safe, stimulating, and challenging educational environment in order to provide a foundation that will empower students to reach their greatest potential and become independent, responsible, and contributing members of society. 

Mission (Purpose)

WE STRIVE for Excellence

S: Student-centered curriculumthat is active, challenging, rigorous, and engaging for ALL students and prepares them for a successful future

T: Technology-rich opportunitiesthat provide students with real-world experiences, skills, and knowledge

R: Respectful environmentwhere positive character traits are exhibited, everyone is valued and all are treated with dignity, kindness, and fairness

I: Independent learnerswho set goals and plan for a successful future

V: Vibrant learning communitywhere students feel safe, comfortable, and eager to take initiative and responsibility for their own learning

E: Effective use of data that drives instruction and yields academic EXCELLENCE 


What We Believe

· Children are our first priority.

· All children can reach their potential.

· All children have a right to learn in a safe, caring environment.

· Learning is a life-long process.

· All children can learn and be responsible.

· Diversity promotes understanding and acceptance of others.

· Children, parents, and teachers are partners in education.